Complete Financial Planning

 Finacial planning  levels


This is the most important pillar of any financial planning. Protection is very crucial when we plans strategies for our clients and usually includes the following items.

The Purpose of this is to provide our clients with a cushion in case of an unexpected events Such as Job loss or health issue because without appropriate protection whole financial planning is at Risk and chance that our clients will dig into their long term savings which will undoubtedly jeopardize their long term goals.


This is the stage when actual journey of once financial plan towards their goal starts after complete protection of health and wealth and includes following items.

Planning of Short term and Long term Goals

Advise investment products according to their goals.

Wealth Building :

We Regularly Review and Monitor our financial plan which is required in order to Fine-tune the wealth plan and to ensure the successful attainment of the specific financial objectives. Regular update and review allows the opportunity to provide for any changes to our strategies.


We advise this only when one can reach a stage where debt is low / zero or have enough retirement funds and have enough wealth accumulated in their portfolio. Maximum of 5 % of the total asset should be Here.